So lately! 

Watching – 

Supernatural! I binge this stuff! Seriously Dean Winchester is my tv boyfriend! Haha! 


Cosmo is my jam! It just makes me feel like a woman! Haha! No seriously though for women’s issues and all things beauty truly the girly bible! 

Listening – 

Books on tape are my current jam and well James Patterson is always amazing. And this series I’m really digging! 

Dreaming about! 

Yep wedding! It’s all my brain can comprehend these days! 

So there you have it! I nice little lately update from my little world! Hope your world is great! 



It’s the final countdown 

We actually have a long countdown. But I wanted to write about your excitement for your wedding versus everyone else’s excitement for your wedding. 

My fiancé bought me this adorable sign and I really love it. We are so close to 100 days and then it will be 60 then 30 and then 1 lol! It’s amazing and exciting and scary and stressful all at the same time. We got engaged almost 18 months before our wedding date. It was a long way off and we did that on purpose. We had plans and wanted to save for the special wedding we both had always wanted. We wanted to share the experience with friends and family and we both wanted to be as involved as possible with decision making. So we were so excited. And others were excited too. But we have had to wait for a very long time. And some of our friends already think we are married. So as we get closer now I’m getting really excited and I want to share that excitement with my friends and family. Since most of them have been on this journey with us the whole time there are some who are getting just as excited which makes it fun! But then there are others who just don’t really seem “into” it any more. This can maybe make me a little sad. But I’m trying to not let it bother me. Emotions tend to run higher and higher the closer you get to the big day. And since I’m a little “special” when it comes to my emotions this has been even more fun for my fiancé and family then perhaps most get to experience. 

So my biggest piece of advice I could give would be to have fun and remember that this is fun and it’s about you and your partner and your special day to share your love. But if you find that some of your friends or family are over the excitement and maybe seem tired of hearing about it cut them some slack it is your wedding so the majority of excitement is yours and choosing a long engagement does come with its own unique set of circumstances. And even if they seem not as excited I have no doubt when your special day comes they will be on board and having a blast with you! So happy weddinging and as a warning if I can figure out how to put a countdown widget on this blog you better believe that I will! 



Snack snack snacking 

So sometimes we snack. Sometimes we know we shouldn’t snack. But let’s face it we like snacks. I came across after reading a review I was curious for myself. This is a snack subscription service. They have 4 piece or 8 piece snack options for monthly delivery as well as just purchasing outright snacks. I reached out to this company and they sent me an 8 pack snack box to try out! So yes the product was received to be reviewed but the opinions as always are my own! 

So first packaging! Awesome! It kept the snacks in place and each one being individual and sealed made it so easy to throw in my lunchbag or my purse each day. And being able to see everything before trying was great. 

Next the most important part flavor! All of the flavors lived up to their names. The sweet treats were great without being too sweet and the spicy wasn’t too spicy it was flavorful and not overwhelming. And in case you were wondering the banana caramel dippers were my favorite. Kinda been dreaming about them lol! 

So all in all this is a great company with a quality product. I can’t say I would do a regular service not sure. But man I would order a box for a road trip or even some individual snacks. No matter your snacking needs I would highly recommend trying them out. And just because I’m apparently awesome they gave us a code. You can try your first box for free too! Just use this code when you sign up! 




July Ipsy Review 

I truly am just a huge fan of Ipsy! It’s been a fabulous experience and I’m glad that I get to continue with the service. 

The value this month is no exception! Full size products and of course makeup tools are always a win! I’m very excited to try this small angle brush! 

And how did they know I needed a waterproof eyeliner for the wedding? So excited to try it on my eyes. The color is perfect for my usual look! 

The Balm always provides a great product and this gorgeous color is something I’m very excited to use. I’m thinking an amazing lining color as well as potential blended out crease color. The options are endless! 

I’m very excited to try the next two products as I haven’t heard of them before and wasn’t quite sure what to expect. To start the Lait-Creme concentre smells wonderful and fresh which is one of my requirements. Smells are a big deal to me. If the smell is too strong I just can’t use a product. Anywho I put some on the tops of my hands and now I just can’t stop rubbing my hands. I can’t wait to use this on my face! 

Lastly is the thermal spring water. And this is something I have heard of sorta. I mean I know of the existence of this water type sprays but wasn’t really sure what they were for. Apparently there are a lot of uses including after shaving to help/prevent razor burn and just general use for when hot in the summer this would probably be my use of choice lol! We shall see! 

Overall I’m really happy with my bag this month and I’m super excited about trying all of these products. 

Oh and as a side note Happy Monday my loves! 



Traveling Back in Time 

I live outside of Nashville. It is a travel destination in itself. But what do we do when we want to go for a quick get away? Well many people in this area go to the Smoky Mountains, Pigeon Forge, Gatlinburg. We actually went for a family reunion of my fiancé’s family. It was so cool to meet these future family members! 

Any who we had some solo time before the family picnic and I found an attraction that I just had to see and I even found a Groupon that got us a great discount. If you don’t groupon you are missing out people. 

So I smiled my way and batted my eye lashes until I convinced my fiancé to go with me to the Titanic exhibit. 

So the outside alone is amazing and honestly gave me goosebumps when we just approached it. 

When you get in line (after paying of course) they give you, your boarding pass. You are assigned a real passenger or crew member on the Titanic. You might hear about your person’s story in the exhibit. Really a great way to personally connect with this historic tragedy. My passenger survived and sadly Todd’s did not. 

The exhibit walks you through the creation and the hype of the Titanic on to the departure and of course the sinking. There is an audio tour and they have a youth version and an adult version. The youth version includes a scavenger hunt. Honestly I would have totally done the youth version but you know sometimes you have to be a grownup. 

The stories that are included in the tour really connect you to this tragedy and the people that lived it. There is a pocket watch that stopped exactly 15 minutes after the ship went down. A stairwell showing you how the third class passengers lived and many died aboard the ship. 

They have an exact replica of the staircase from the Titanic and again goosebumps people. We had our picture taken and yes I was suckered into the souvenir because well I’m a sucker for a souvenir. 

If you are in the area I highly recommend that you check out this exhibit. There are so many personal and true artifacts from the actual Titanic and from the White Star Line in general. If you can tell from the pic I was beaming from ear to ear. This was one of the best museums I have ever visited. I wish there was more I could share with you and more pics I could show you. But they do not allow photos in the museum. 

Titanic Pigeon Forge Info
Happy travels! 



Let them eat cake 

So one of the most fun parts of wedding planning and surprisingly one of the easiest has been choosing our cake. 

So there are so many choices to make when it comes to the cake size and flavors being the most important. Classic white cake with different flavors in between the layers. How many layers do you need? Well these are all very serious questions. Here are some pics of cakes that I of course fell in love with! 

And then the flavors!!! Oh my gosh the flavors: 

Raspberry, lemon chiffon and banana cream were some that caught our attention right away! 

And then of course there was our engagement cake. You may recognize this from a previous post. 

This cake is the raspberry elegance from Publix supermarkets. Well we fell in love with this flavor. So now we had to choose design. Because this design is cute but not what we wanted for the wedding. So I was off to meet with a bakery specialist. Oh the choices. 

Here are some that I liked! Which did I choose? Well you will have to wait until November to find out! But man it was fun! 

I can say with all honesty every step of this process. Making choices and planning the day we both want has been so much fun for my fiancé and me! We have shared a vision and we are making it come to life. 

Until next time! 



Food Prepping 

So when making choices and decisions about my health I have found that if I plan ahead I definitely do better. And I mean planning each meal. And because of that it is often easiest to prep my food in advance as well! Here’s what I prepped this week! 

Eggs – 20 eggs scrambled 

This is enough for me and my honey to each have 2 eggs every morning during the work week. 

Bacon – it’s nice to have with breakfast as well as in a salad. I also made some and added it to some black beans for a nice addition to a chicken salad. 

In the same pan I made the bacon I made chicken. 

Using this same pan means that I didn’t have to add any extra oil when cooking the chicken. This chicken can be used for salads for lunch and for dinner. It’s going to be great. 

So when I want to be eating this:

I’m having chicken breast instead. 

So for me this is the best way to stay on track. What do you do?