Thursday Story Telling 

So I’m starting something new and you guys will have to let me know if you like it. I will be posting “chapters” if you will, of stories I have written. This is fiction material and all original personal work by me. I hope you enjoy it. Here’s the first story:

The Intervention: Chapter 1

Is it possible to love someone too much? Is it possible to have your heart ripped out repeatedly and still truly be able to use it? These are the questions that plagued Britney as she drove to work that morning. She had just had another fight with her boyfriend Anthony and she couldn’t understand why she was still with him. She couldn’t imagine a life without him, but she also couldn’t imagine a future with him. They had only been together for two years, yet the struggles and arguments they had been through made it feel like fifty. There was always something that tried to tear them apart, or caused them to doubt one another. She knew that she loved him and that she ached when he wasn’t with her, but she didn’t know how to love him and not lose herself.

He had been there for her when her mother had passed away suddenly. It was the event that had brought them closer and lead to a romantic relationship. They had been friends for a couple of years before, and when she got the phone call about her mother, he was the only one that she could think of that would understand and let her cry. He had stood by her, helped her with all of the arrangements, and didn’t leave her side unless she asked him to. But somehow that perfect person that had been so caring and strong for her, had turned into this man that she felt like she didn’t even know. They didn’t live together, but for the better part of the last six months they had not spent a night apart. Maybe that was the problem; maybe they both needed space. Maybe it was time to figure out what the cards really held for them, together and otherwise. Her favorite song came on the radio and she turned up the volume. She could definitely use a little Ice Ice Baby this morning. She was singing along and dancing in her car when the light turned red. Britney didn’t see the light change and kept going through the light. A blue pick-up came through the light at full force and slammed into her car. Everything suddenly went black.

To find out what happens next to Britney you will have to tune in next week. Thanks for checking it out guys. And please let me know what you think in the comments.



Wedding Wednesday – Getting Ready

So you may be wondering if in fact there was a wedding and well yes there was. I’m going to post some pics today about the getting ready time and I’ll add more details and fun stuff to future posts but here’s a good start. The night before me and one of my girls stayed at the hotel. My future husband had all of his boys with him at his house. I don’t have enough photos of that girl time or even us getting our makeup on, but if I find some they are totally going to be shared.





This last shot is me on the way to our first look.  I couldn’t wait to hug him. It had been quite the morning. And my future husband was waiting to see what all the fuss was about this gigantic cupcake dress!

Until next week, Happy Wedding Wednesday!


Ranting for Real

So to my lovely readers it has been a while since I have posted a real rant and well it’s time. There was something I just couldn’t keep quiet about and I had to share that with you.

If you watch The View or if you follow conservative circles it’s possible that you have heard about Tomi Lahren. Last Friday, Tomi was on The View on ABC. She made the statement that she is Pro Choice and that in her belief this is the only answer for individuals that want limited government. I found it interesting to hear the interview on The View and to then see that she was getting a lot of heat from Conservative women on this issue. It really struck me and I had to do a rant. And here’s the reason: we all have opinions. I think that we are all so quick to throw a label on something and if it doesn’t match up perfectly with that label we find it confusing and then we attack. Not everyone is going to fit into a perfect bubble and I think as political minds are starting to see, we are in a very different time. We not only have more and more journalists like Tomi that have some varied views on topics but also that are not afraid to share them and share them in a very main stream way. We have a common-sense bug that is flowing through the nation. Our nation has been going on business as usual for far too long and we are starting to find individuals that are questioning everything. And even questioning within their own parties and within their own religions. And I for one, find it revitalizing. I think that Tomi is unique, she is a young very attractive woman and has been able to attract fans from all walks of life, men and women, young and old. But I will tell you I don’t think that the only reason she has all of these fans is because of her looks, I personally think that it is because of her willingness to speak facts that so many won’t in a very straight forward way. Could the traditional conservative party be starting to realize that not all of their views are going to stand up to the voters of tomorrow and how is this going to effect future elections?

I think that while this may have been a blip on the political radar, there is something real going on here. People with real opinions that don’t fit perfectly into a box are coming forward and showing others that it is OK to not fit in the box. As long as we are thinking for ourselves, asking questions and really truly listening to each other we can find the right path to making our country the greatest. Do I think there will be some stumbles? Yes! Do I think that we are preparing for some major successes? Yes! I will be the first to tell you that I don’t make a decision on a topic until I have heard all sides and maybe I’m just not conservative enough but just like when you hear two stories from two people about one incident, both people told what they believed to be the truth, but the reality of the event falls somewhere in the middle.

So as we are navigating this new political world in which a reality star millionaire has become President of the United States let’s remember that attacking each other for being slightly outside of that conservative model is not going to further your cause, it just makes you look a little one sided and closed minded and as we need to bring the country back from uncontrolled debt and other leadership deficiencies maybe focusing on the leadership and the things that really matter in this country rather than attacking a woman for having an opinion that doesn’t truly make for a hill of beans in the grand scheme of things.

As always Love,







Troublemaker Review

Leah Remini

Some of us are just born loud. We are loud from the moment we take that first breath. We are constantly having to be moved to a different seat in class because they think that will help but guess what, we will talk to anyone, even ourselves if that’s how we have to survive. And many of us that are loud are often drawn to others that are loud. It is like a secret club, and volume and persistence is the secret knock to open the door. This is my explanation for being drawn to reading actress Leah Remini’s book Troublemaker – Surviving Hollywood and Scientology. I have been drawn to the actress since the first moment she appeared on Who’s the Boss back in the 80s and when news broke that she was releasing a book, I couldn’t wait to read it. Due to my time management and schedule I didn’t end up getting to “read” this book but listened to it on audio book.

The first thing I will say in my review is that the audio book is read by Leah Remini and well that’s a requirement. Her voice and inflection and her true personality come through in every single word. It is clear that she knows who she is and she’s good with it. Her book is really her story.

Her experiences are clear and she provides an honest reflection of what she witnessed in her life. Her truth as she knows it draws you in and makes you feel like you know her and you experienced it with her. I found it interesting that this was not an attack on Scientology at all. This story was hers and it was honest in that she had a religion she completely believed in and was committed to including in her life and when she didn’t like things that were happening she had to really step back and make some very hard decisions for herself and for her family. Are there things that some of us would have found unbelievable and horrible and couldn’t understand because it’s not how we were raised, sure. But again each religion/denomination has their special practices and beliefs that are foreign to others. She shows how for her this was normal and then when it became something she had to question, she did. She used her voice and she was afraid to be a “troublemaker”. And that is in my opinion what makes her so special.

If you want to experience an inside look at life, Scientology and a little taste of Hollywood, I highly recommend you check out this book. If you have the time and can listen to the audio version I would recommend that even more. Leah’s voice will draw you in and make you feel a part of her story. I have decided that if I ever get to meet her, I would just like to hug her and say “Well Done!”. She would probably hate that, but well I’m a hugger. She impressed me and I wish she was one of my friends. So if you have a chance in your own life to be a Troublemaker, I would have to say go for it. And when that moment comes just know, you can do it too.

For more information please find Leah Remini’s website: here  and to order your own copy of the book please go here.


So lately! 

Watching – 

Supernatural! I binge this stuff! Seriously Dean Winchester is my tv boyfriend! Haha! 


Cosmo is my jam! It just makes me feel like a woman! Haha! No seriously though for women’s issues and all things beauty truly the girly bible! 

Listening – 

Books on tape are my current jam and well James Patterson is always amazing. And this series I’m really digging! 

Dreaming about! 

Yep wedding! It’s all my brain can comprehend these days! 

So there you have it! I nice little lately update from my little world! Hope your world is great! 



It’s the final countdown 

We actually have a long countdown. But I wanted to write about your excitement for your wedding versus everyone else’s excitement for your wedding. 

My fiancé bought me this adorable sign and I really love it. We are so close to 100 days and then it will be 60 then 30 and then 1 lol! It’s amazing and exciting and scary and stressful all at the same time. We got engaged almost 18 months before our wedding date. It was a long way off and we did that on purpose. We had plans and wanted to save for the special wedding we both had always wanted. We wanted to share the experience with friends and family and we both wanted to be as involved as possible with decision making. So we were so excited. And others were excited too. But we have had to wait for a very long time. And some of our friends already think we are married. So as we get closer now I’m getting really excited and I want to share that excitement with my friends and family. Since most of them have been on this journey with us the whole time there are some who are getting just as excited which makes it fun! But then there are others who just don’t really seem “into” it any more. This can maybe make me a little sad. But I’m trying to not let it bother me. Emotions tend to run higher and higher the closer you get to the big day. And since I’m a little “special” when it comes to my emotions this has been even more fun for my fiancé and family then perhaps most get to experience. 

So my biggest piece of advice I could give would be to have fun and remember that this is fun and it’s about you and your partner and your special day to share your love. But if you find that some of your friends or family are over the excitement and maybe seem tired of hearing about it cut them some slack it is your wedding so the majority of excitement is yours and choosing a long engagement does come with its own unique set of circumstances. And even if they seem not as excited I have no doubt when your special day comes they will be on board and having a blast with you! So happy weddinging and as a warning if I can figure out how to put a countdown widget on this blog you better believe that I will! 



Snack snack snacking 

So sometimes we snack. Sometimes we know we shouldn’t snack. But let’s face it we like snacks. I came across after reading a review I was curious for myself. This is a snack subscription service. They have 4 piece or 8 piece snack options for monthly delivery as well as just purchasing outright snacks. I reached out to this company and they sent me an 8 pack snack box to try out! So yes the product was received to be reviewed but the opinions as always are my own! 

So first packaging! Awesome! It kept the snacks in place and each one being individual and sealed made it so easy to throw in my lunchbag or my purse each day. And being able to see everything before trying was great. 

Next the most important part flavor! All of the flavors lived up to their names. The sweet treats were great without being too sweet and the spicy wasn’t too spicy it was flavorful and not overwhelming. And in case you were wondering the banana caramel dippers were my favorite. Kinda been dreaming about them lol! 

So all in all this is a great company with a quality product. I can’t say I would do a regular service not sure. But man I would order a box for a road trip or even some individual snacks. No matter your snacking needs I would highly recommend trying them out. And just because I’m apparently awesome they gave us a code. You can try your first box for free too! Just use this code when you sign up!