Try-It Tuesday Cloud Bread 

If you are on Pinterest you have seen cloud bread. You have been curious about cloud bread. If you haven’t well let me tell you about cloud bread. Haha! I found this link Cloud Bread and decided that I should try it for something a little different than my normal 3 hour bread baking weekend ritual. It seemed like an easy enough task. 

I had all the ingredients ready to go! 

The one thing I didn’t do was pull out the hand mixer and well my results will tell you that I shouldn’t have been lazy! 

I think I did those egg whites some justice with my elbow grease though. Haha! Stuck them in the oven and well magic happened. 

They actually looked the way I thought they kind of should. They aren’t quite as fluffy as I was hoping hence I needed the hand mixer. 

But upon escape from the oven and a proper cooling phase I was very happy with the taste and thus I will definitely be trying this recipe again! I wish I could describe it properly it tastes like bread just a super light version. Nothing heavy about it at all. These didn’t last long in my house at all. 

Thanks Becca for an amazing recipe! 

Are you guys actually trying these things you find on Pinterest? May change these posts to “nailed it” type posts in the future. 

Until next time mangia my loves, 


Try It Tuesday Pork Edition 

We are a pork household. We love pork and all enjoy cooking it as well. Our smoker has seen better days so I had to try my hand at fixing a pork butt in the oven. 

That is how it turned out. A 7 pound butt cooked for 5 hours at 200 degrees covered in tin foil and then for 2 hours at 350 with the foil removed. I covered it with some homemade rub. The seasoning was excellent. We honestly missed a little bit of the smoky flavor that we get when we do a traditional butt in our smoker but overall excellent flavor and this just proves that you can cook a piece of meat as long as you have some heat and the time. 

My husband then made these amazing pulled pork sandwiches. 

Layer pork, BBQ sauce, a fried egg and some pimento cheese. Trust me the flavor is out of this world! 



Bring in the Girls

Once we were engaged and we had chose our venue, the next step was to chose who would stand beside us while we said I do to each other. It was easy for me to choose those girls that would stand beside me. My sister of course to be my Matron of Honor, three of my closest friends (seriously I have been friends with these girls since we were 12 years old), and then my new nieces would be my Junior Bridesmaid and my flower girl. Simple lineup huh? But how to ask. There is pin after pin on Pinterest of how to “ask” your girls or even the guys. I’ll do a post on how we did that later. Anyway, I had to come up with an idea and I came up with a plan but I needed my ever talented mother’s help. Here is the picture that lead to my inspiration.


I decided I wanted to do cookies and ask them in a really fun way. Here are the cookie cutters that I found online to make them.


We ordered the cookie cutters and my sweet amazing mother that can make anything said that she would help me. She found an amazing cookie recipe and the royal icing recipe so that she could make my vision come to life.


I purchased these awesome pens that allowed me to write on the royal icing and make it actually legible. So when the cookies were lined up they have the girls name and say “Jennifer Will You Be My” and then the dress is symbol for bridesmaid. And lastly the bell has the date of our wedding. We used the peach and grey that are our wedding colors. There will be another post talking about colors shortly.


I did the bells myself and I did all of the lettering. I did some of the piping on my heart with the girls’ names and my mommy did like everything else. I try to be a doer and I totally would have done all of this myself but well I’m not as talented as my mommy!

I wrote each girl a personal note about why I would like her to be my bridesmaid and how much she means to me And then I put the note on top and sealed up the boxes. Oh and the cookies were delicious by the way.


For my younger girls, I found a smaller box and “asked them to by my girls” with a ring pop and an official on one knee proposal. I’m lucky that everyone accepted and the fun is getting better and better. I’m so blessed to have my friends and family that want to share in this special experience with us.

No matter how you choose to ask those special people in your life to stand with you, just remember that it is supposed to be a fun time and when choosing those that are going to stand beside you, just pick those that will make sure that you have a fun time and enjoy the process.

Happy Weddinging.




Miso Cauliflower Dreams

So I have been dreaming about the miso cauliflower since eating at Virago. You can find my post reviewing the restaurant here

I began searching the Internet for a miso cauliflower recipe. It was a quick search. I found a great recipe here. I’m actually excited to search this blog for even more exciting recipes. The main ingredient is miso paste. I did not realize that this ingredient would be so hard to find. Anyway thank goodness for Amazon. 

I made a few minor adjustments based on the other ingredients I had on hand. And well it worked! My man doesn’t necessarily like veggies and when I told him what I was making he said have fun with that lol! However when I brought him the finished product to taste he kinda really loved it. I loved it too and I’m excited to try some other recipes with the miso paste. So I hope you look forward to hearing more from me! It wasn’t quite as good with as Virago’s but I’m going to keep trying. Until next time my dears! Mangia! 



What’s Inside Your Fridge? 

Oh my fridge. First as usual my disclaimer. My fiancé is so much better about cleaning out the fridge. Second we are blessed with parents that keep us fed. Third we both love to cook so there’s always leftovers. And lastly the outside is way more interesting. I have a thanksgiving drawing from when my 19 year old was like 4. That’s weird right? Haha! Now to show! 

 There’s a lot of cheese in there for a girl trying to stay away from dairy! There’s also a lot of sauces. It’s how we roll! 

What’s in your fridge? 



10 Favorite Foods 

Yes 10 may sound like a lot. But I’m going to have to work to narrow it down to 10 my dears. This girl likes her food! 

1. Mashed Potatoes

2. Mac & Cheese – lobster makes it extra special!

3. Italian Wedding Soup

4. Tiramisu

5. Spaghetti

6. Gyro

7. Kielbasa hash

Kielbasa, Peppers, and Potato Hash

8. Steak

9. Shrimp & Grits

10. Whooper with Cheese extra pickle and no onion

And now I’m hungry!

Mangia my loves!


Chicken Diet oh the monotony! 

Chicken and brown rice. Just the sounds of it is boring huh? Well when you are trying to get healthy and eat right and possibly on a cleanse this is the food you have to eat. Along with your fruits and veggies and healthy fats lol! So I had a crazy plan to make three different dishes from one package of chicken! Here’s what happened! 


Red beans and rice with chicken instead of sausage. It’s soooo good! 

I call this fiesta chicken. Add some salsa on top just before serving and delish! You could of course add cheese and sour cream but not quite as healthy right? Haha! It’s actually very tasty as is I was impressed and the 18 year old liked it too! 


Alright so the last one was a seriously last one and I just had to do something different. So I took a can of manwich and added that to the chicken and then added some brown rice when it was all cooked through. It’s like bbq chicken and a good way to use a random can I had in the cabinet. Not the best as far as healthy because there is a lot of sugar in manwich but a new take on a classic dish that was very tasty! 

So what fun and exciting thing have you done to chicken lately? 

Until next time Mangia,