Makeup Monday Brushes Rule

I ❤️ my makeup brushes. All of them. When one finally wears out and I have to get a replacement it makes me a little sad because I’m losing a brush and then I get excited because I have a new one to love! 

Here are my brushes! 

I store them in that mug I decorated myself so they all have plenty of room. Yes that was a toothbrush you saw in there I prefer a soft toothbrush to handle my eye brows then the expensive brow brushes you buy in the store which always feel too rough for me. 

My brushes need a good cleaning and I’m not as good about it as I should be. But I thought I would share with you what I do when I do clean them properly. 

For a daily quick clean especially for my eye shadow brushes (use lots of different colors and shades and need the same brush) I use ELF brush cleaner. 

The smell is wonderful. It works great and I think has helped to make my brushes last longer. This is a basic spray on and work out the makeup on a papertowel type effort. Not hard and definitely quick enough I can do in the morning. I just put them back in my cup to dry. 

For a major cleaning I use whatever face wash I’m currently using. My thinking behind this is that it’s gentle enough for my face it should definitely take away any oils that may remain on the brushes and I know it’s not going to break me out or cause me any problems. Currently this is what I’m using for face wash and to clean my brushes. 

What girl doesn’t have this face wash around? I have an abundance of sample size beauty items right now so I’m trying to use them all up before I go and buy full size stuff again. Does anyone else do this? 

If anyone is interested I could always do a video or photo shoot for cleaning my brushes. I can show you how fun and easy it really is! Let me know if you would be interested. 

How do you clean your makeup tools? 

Until next time stay beautiful! 



Makeup Monday Reboot 

Happy Monday! I hope you all had a wonderful Father’s Day! We had a great time with family. Lots has been going on in my world lately and sadly I have neglected the blog. I want to thank you all that have hung in there with me. I really am grateful for your support. So let’s talk makeup. That always makes my Monday better! 

Lately I have become obsessed with the idea of matte liquid lipstick. And yes it could be because of a certain mogul family and one daughters take on lips that has swept the nation like wildfire but let me put it this way I don’t have their bank account so for me I have to find good looks with a much lower price tag. And I found this… 

I hadn’t heard of Jena Taylor before but it looked like a close enough dupe to what I was hoping to achieve look wise I couldn’t resist. 

The swatches honestly don’t do the colors justice. I’m looking forward to trying all of them. I did put on the middle color for a day out and I will say I liked the color, the smell was pleasant and the color lasted pretty much all day through eating and everything. Oh and I kissed my husband and it didn’t come off on his face which made him very happy! 

Needless to say I can’t wait to try the other colors. I’m really happy with the purchase and now to tell you how much I spent. Are you ready? 

$4.99 at my local Marshall’s and the compare at was only $8.00. So I’m going to say a win win at almost a tenth of the cost for the name brand item and has all the qualities I look for in a liquid lipstick. 

What are your latest makeup dupe or cheap must have finds? 



The perfect look! 

So we all have a desire for that perfect look. With my wedding day approaching so quicky I find myself searching and searching for that perfect look. So I’m experimenting and searching! The biggest challenge has been lipstick. It has to be the right color. It has to be long lasting. And it of course has to stay on me and not my husband to be on our big day! 

There have been many trials. Which formula which color? So the perfect color search may still be on but the formula has been found! This stuff is the long lasting. Seriously I wish I had a pic but there was still some on my lips the next morning and I put it on right before I left my home at like 7am. So basically it stayed for roughly 24 hours. It didn’t make my lips feel horribly dry or sticky. So formula is a yes! Now for color! 

Revlon Ultimate Colorstay Liquid Lipstick
The color I have on in the last picture is a buff beige. The color I’m ordering is a peachy color that is apparently of course not made anymore. But you know thank goodness for Amazon! Next up eye shadow! New post soon with lots of details. 



Pacifica Shadow Review 

Happy Monday all! Oh it’s makeup Monday time and I wanted to share with you my review of the Pacifica eyeshadow trio I received in my ipsy bag this month. You can find that post here

Swatches for colors skinny dip, crush and lovely. Skinny dip is the perfect ivory shade. I really like it and the gold and bronze for a perfect sunkissed effect. 

The pigment was pretty true and lasted really well. I liked the look and I think the shades were great for summer or fall. Sun kissed for summer and warm for fall. A win win in my book. Probably not wedding shades (which is honestly all that’s on my mind these days) but lovely. Do you get ipsy? Are you enjoying your products this month? And how do you style your bronze eye shadow? You pull out the gold cardigan like I do? 



May 2016 Ipsy Review

So Ipsy is probably my favorite subscription. It’s affordable. You get at least 1 regular size item or makeup tool each month and it really is geared to you! So here’s my May bag! 

Yep I got the pink one! 

All my goodies!

This scent is very pleasant with my crazy headaches I haven’t been wearing fragrance for a while but this may be gentle enough to try this week. And the packaging was pretty cool! 

I tried this lip balm as soon as I opened the bag. The scent was great. It was very soft and smooth on my lips. I have some cracked lips right now and I need something to help me heal them. Hoping this works. 

So I haven’t heard of this brand before but I’m excited to try. And who doesn’t love a nude lip pencil? The look is here to stay people! I’ll give a review of this in a future post. 

Oh Smashbox you never disappoint. I haven’t tried this particular formula but I’m glad I got it and can’t wait to try it. 

And lastly Pacifica has just great eye shadows. I have received them in previous bags and these colors are looking right for spring. I’m excited to try them and review for you. 

So that’s my ipsy bag! Hope you enjoy! Please ignore my horrible nails. I haven’t gotten them done in a week. But soon I assure you! 



Mask review 

This makeup Monday is going to be a review of this mask. 
I was a little nervous trying this mask as I usually only use masks that are for exfoliation. This was definitely different. Not sure when I realized that I had to start worrying about anti-aging products but yeah I’m getting old so it’s happened. I pulled the mask out. Carefully unfolded it and plopped it on my face! 

This mask was actually very soothing. It felt a little weird and I couldn’t figure out how to hold my face just right to make sure it was staying put. In the words of Julia Roberts it was a slippery little sucker. But I managed to leave it on the whole twenty minutes. Here’s how it looked after 20 minutes. 

Yep still kinda slippery. I took it off and rubbed the remaining serum into my skin. It felt great. The next morning I woke up and my skin felt much softer than normal. I can’t say I felt a glow or anything but for the mere ease of use I will use this again. I mean good serum is good serum right? 

So all in all I would say the collagen mask was a good try. I got it from ipsy but I have researched and found it on amazon for $12.99 for five masks. That’s not too bad something you should do at least a couple of times a month. So if you need a new serum type mask or feel like a boost of absorbed and not injected collagen is right for you I say go for it! 

Have you tried any new beauty products lately? 



Product Review – Curl Secret 

This girl has thin and hard to curl hair. It’s a problem. Ok it’s not a problem but it makes me sad. I would like to just have a little wave or something. 

Well for Christmas I was gifted with this little baby! 



 I was very skeptical. Mostly because the idea of having my hair sucked up into anything makes me super duper nervous. I mean what if it gets stuck or my hair starts smoking. You know the basic concerns of any new hair product really. 


 As you can see in the picture above it has two heat settings and three timer settings. I went with the lowest heat and the shortest timer. I figured that would give me the best chance of escape if needed. 

  Here is how my hair started. Freshly washed no product and brushed through. Please ignore my makeupless face! So I went for it. 

 A success. The first curl was what I was hoping for. And actually much better than I had expected. It wasn’t easy to get used to. And you do have to get the placement of your hair right. There were a couple of times my hair got a little tangled in the machine but it catches it and releases the hair. I didn’t have any lost hair or panic! 


It took a while to do the whole head but no longer than with a regular curling iron and honestly much better result. And yes as always one side of my head always looks better than the other. 

 I chose to use my pick and kind of pick out the harsh curls and it left a really great wave that I’m very happy with. I’m excited to keep trying and experimenting with this product. My honest review is 4 out of 5 stars. It definitely has a learning curve to get the best look and the best curls but it is worth using and perfecting the style. And yes I already sent my mom the thank you text with the pictures to let her know it was an awesome gift! 

What fun beauty products or tools did you get for Christmas?

Until next time my lovelies!