Thursday Story-Telling The Intervention Chapter 4

As Britney watched Anthony worry about her, she couldn’t believe this was happening. He looked so small as he returned to his seat. She had watched the encounter with the nurse from where she had been sitting, yet somehow she had heard the entire conversation as if she had been standing beside him the whole time. This had to be a dream. This was not humanly possible. She put her hand on his arm. She wanted him to know that she was there. Perhaps the touch of him could wake her from this dream.

“Anthony I am here, I am here with you.” She whispered in his ear. Anthony shivered, and she wondered if he had heard her. His face was wrapped with fear. How could she make him understand? And most importantly how could she wake up from this nightmare? She got up from beside him and floated over to the nurse at the admitting desk. She thought, that poor woman, what a job to have to deal with all of these grief-stricken people all day. She had to be a pretty tough lady. She floated behind the desk next to where the nurse was sitting and looked at the computer screen in front of her. It was a blank screen. Britney couldn’t see anything on it. Britney saw pictures of children and a wedding photo beside the screen. What a great life, to have all of that love surrounding you. This would be how the nurse handled all the stress and sadness keeping her memories of her happy family close to her, because with the kind of love in those pictures you could surely get through anything.

Britney floated back into the main emergency room leaving Anthony to sit in the chair and the nurse to her duties. She floated back through the curtain that held the room, where was on a gurney and all of those noisy machines were working hard. The doctors and nurses were still working on her. It was as if time had almost stood still while she had been away. It did not appear they were making progress as the machines had not slowed and the doctors and nurses appeared almost panicked. The thought of watching this for much longer was not appearing. She decided to take advantage of her dream and see how far her floating ability would take her. She wanted that chance to be a fly on a wall, she had to try.



Story-Telling Thursday The Intervention Chapter 3

She opens her eyes and tried to look around and quickly realized that she was actually looking down. She was watching herself below with the doctors. There were machines buzzing and beeping. Nurses were scurrying about. What had happened to her? She couldn’t remember how she had gotten here. She tried to yell to tell them she was there. She tried to tell them that she was ok. But was she? Was she dead? Was it possible? She had started the day as any other, and now she was lying in a hospital bed or rather, floating over it. She turned from herself. She couldn’t watch the doctors work. She couldn’t stand to see if they succeeded in their mission to save her body. She floated out of the room where her body lie on the gurney. She was in the main emergency room entrance and she saw nurses running and pushing wheelchairs. She saw many people that were sick or injured. She had always hated hospitals and watching this gave her a bad feeling in her chest. She decided that she needed to keep floating. Maybe this is a dream, she thought to herself. She floated out of the emergency room into the waiting room. She had floated through the automatic doors rather than them opening for her. No one could see her or hear her. She buzzed the heads of a couple of nurses passing by and they never looked up or even acknowledged the feeling. Britney wanted to continue toying with the nurses but thought better of it. They had important work to do. The thought of this being a dream kept Britney moving forward to the waiting room. She circled the room and then she saw him. Anthony was sitting there all alone. He looked so scared. He had tears in his beautiful blue eyes. She couldn’t remember ever having seen him cry. Now here he was, crying. He was crying for her. She came down from high above and sat herself in the chair beside him. He seemed so fragile sitting there with tears running down his face. Britney hoped she wasn’t dead. She hoped the doctors did what they had to do so that she could wipe those tears away. She didn’t know if they should be together but she didn’t want him hurting.

He couldn’t cry, not now. He didn’t even know what was going on with her. He wiped at his tears and cleared his throat. He suddenly got a cold chill. It was almost a breeze. He was in the middle of the waiting room but he glanced to the doors to see whom had come through them, but the door had not been opened and was not closing either.

“That was weird,” he said aloud to himself. He talked to himself a lot. She hated it. She hated that he would express a general thought with no audience intended. She would say that he could carry on a conversation with a brick wall, and she promised not to be too concerned until the wall answered back. He laughed to himself as he thought of her standing in the kitchen chiding him for talking to himself like a child with an imaginary friend. Then the twinge of guilt again, how could he sit here and laugh? He didn’t want to think nice memories of her as if she wasn’t here anymore. He needed to know what was going on. He couldn’t stand one more minute of not knowing. He walked back up to the desk. The look on the nurse’s face was not one of welcome. He made his approach all the same and never broke stride.

“Sir, I told you that I would send someone out as soon as possible. Let them spend the time needed with your girlfriend.” The nurse advised before he even asked the question. “I am all she has, and she is all I have. I just need to know that she’s going to be ok.” he found his temper flaring as he tried to make this nurse understand how important he was to her life and she was to his. Although he was not sure of how important he still was to her, but in this moment she was all that mattered to him.

“I understand that you are concerned. The doctor has said that he will come and talk with you as soon as he can. Please have a seat and wait for him.”

“I can’t sit anymore. Please can’t someone just tell me what’s going on? I need something. I can’t just keep waiting.”

“It shouldn’t be much longer. Please have a seat.”

The nurse was beginning to get to the end of her rope with him. He decided to go ahead and sit back down before she called security or something. He was a larger man and knew that when he was angry he could appear intimidating. He didn’t want the nurse to worry and get him kicked out.

Story-Telling Thursday The Intervention Chapter 2

“Where is she? Where is Britney?”

“Sir, please, I need you to calm down. Please spell her last name for me again.”

“Are you kidding me? I have already spelled it for you three times. It is Henson H-E-N-S-O-N. And my name is Anthony Jones J-O-N-E-S. I have the paperwork right here that give you permission to speak with me. She just came in from a car accident.”

“Yes I see here. Sir, she is currently with the doctors and I do not have an update for you. I will let them know that you are here and they will come and get you when they are ready for you.”

“I want to see her. I want to know that she is ok. I want to know what is going on.”

“I will ask someone to come out and speak with you just as soon as I can. Right now they are helping her. Please have a seat.”

Anthony walked away from the counter. He didn’t understand why no one would tell him what was going on. His was the last number dialed in her cell phone and was saved as her ‘in case of emergency’ number and they had called him to check about next of kin. The thoughts had instantly started running through his head. Why did they need next of kin? What exactly had happened to her? She had been fine this morning. She was not exactly speaking to him, but that wasn’t anything unusual. They had been fighting a lot lately, and they had been talking about needing space. But he didn’t mean it. At least he didn’t think he did. Not knowing if she was ok and not knowing if he was going to see her again had him more scared than he had ever been in his whole life. After he got the call about the accident he had grabbed their medical paperwork, neither of them had family close and they had appointed each other for medical decisions long ago.

He sat in a chair in the waiting room. He was surrounded by kids coughing and adults who looked drugged. He hated the hospital. He had not been in a hospital in years and had wanted to keep it that way. A sudden twinge of guilt crept over him as he thought that he had almost not answered the call on his cell phone when he saw the number. He thought it was her. He thought she was calling to continue their fight from earlier that morning and he just couldn’t fight anymore. He just wanted to be done. He wanted them to be able to love as they had loved in the beginning; back when she had needed him, and most importantly had wanted him. Now he didn’t know where he fit into her life. She had her friends, her work, and her dreams for the future that didn’t seem to include him when she talked about them. So where did he fit and did he even fit at all? He looked at the double doors behind the counter where he just stood and worried about what was happening and if he would see her face again. Maybe one more fight wouldn’t be so bad.

Who was he kidding? If she was ok, he wouldn’t ever fight with her again. He would just let her have the future she wanted and try to support her in any way he could. She was the love of his life.


Southern Women’s Show – Girl’s Night Out 

So once again it was time for the Southern Women’s Show. Last years trip here. This year I went with one of my besties! 

Yes those are cocktails and yes they were fabulous! And yes expensive! 

All that pink! Yes this event has a pink carpet and well I love it! 

You will make friends! 

There are so many things to buy! 

A great pic of an old friend! He’s an amazing dude and fab writer! 

And there were firemen! Hey it’s for charity! 🙂 

Happy Friday friends! If you ever manage to be in Nashville in the spring try to plan it for southern women’s show time. It’s worth it. We had a fab dinner after the show and well that’s for another post! Until next time! 



Hopes for my blog

This is the face of a “real” girl. Today is the final 30 day challenge post. I’m actually sitting in bed not feeling well as I write this post. My health has been a super struggle for this whole year so far. But I’m trying to think about my blog and its future. My personal future is pretty set and exciting. I’m getting married to the love of my life. We are a new family. But what is the future of this blog? This blog is a baby but a baby with 100 posts. I still can’t believe that! I have gained followers by doing this challenge and learning more about posting effectively for followership. But in the future of my blog it’s not just the followers and the likes that I’m hoping for. It’s that my words make a difference for someone. Obviously my brain and what I enjoy will be heavy in my post. Hello food posts and makeup posts and wedding planning posts. These are the things that are filling my world now. But as that world grows and expands I hope that my blog will grow with me. Sometimes I can be serious. I have suffered with weight issues and health issues and depression issues. There are things I would love to share so someone else doesn’t feel alone. I’m pretty opinionated about some things and would love to start sharing that more. My last post on my confession probably was my least read post which I found interesting but I also didn’t find it discouraging. My voice will be there for the right ear at the right time and I’m absolutely certain that I have nothing to do with that other than being myself and doing what feels right for me and my blog. Will there be silly content? Yes! Will there be serious content? Yes! Will there be things you like and things you don’t? Yes! But most of all you will be reading real thoughts and real issues from a real girl that doesn’t mind being a little basic and a lot caring! I hope you stick around for the ride. And if there’s a topic you are interested in I haven’t touched on yet please drop a line or comment below I would be happy to right a post for you! 🙂 



Most Embarrassing Moment 

I’m not one to be embarrassed. It would take a lot to make me blush even. Now let me tell you something else about me. I think that girls shouldn’t burp or poot in front of anyone. Save that for your private time in the restroom. 

Found this on the Internet I could spend all the time in this room. 

I like to keep the mystery. I have a fiancĂ© and a son. I like to be ladylike. Sorry I’m sure that’s not a popular opinion anymore but it’s what I believe.

Anyway the subject of this post is most embarrassing moment and I had a doozy. Well at least for me. Do I have your attention? 

One afternoon when me and my fiancĂ© had been dating about a year and we were sitting on the couch just hanging out. He saw something funny on YouTube and had to share it with me. Then he proceeded to talk in a funny voice and just generally make me laugh! He does this a lot. 

Any who right about mid laugh something horrible happened! I pooted! 

I thought I was gonna die! I was mortified. Now my man being the amazing person that he is started laughing. I mean really laughing. And then I laughed some more. He said he had been waiting for me to poot for so long and if making me laugh caused it. He couldn’t be happier. And it was funny!

So yes I’ll keep finding alone time for bodily functions. As funny as they may be. And hopefully he’ll keep making me laugh anyway! 



3 Healthy Habits

If this had said 3 unhealthy habits I could have just started with a slight bacon obsession. Healthy habits are harder to recognize. So I’m going to share the healthy habits I’m trying to improve. 

1. Exercise more regularly. I’m currently taking Krav Maga classes. I shoot for 2 per week. I usually make at least 1 per week. They have added a Saturday morning class and this has been awesome. My fiancĂ© and I do this together so it makes it not only a great workout but some great together time. 

No pics from class but this was after a class one night haha! 

2. Washing my face and removing my makeup everyday. I have to admit I’m super lazy. At night I’m just ready to chill and then go to bed. So I have purchased this amazing no rinse super simple and great cleanser. I love it. It’s so easy and it works well and my face feels amazing every night and still feels great when I wake up. I highly recommend it. 

3. Writing – this is a healthy habit because it provides my soul and my brain with a positive outlet. I can write anything I want and this lets me keep my brain clear. Sometimes you just need to get it out there. Much of my writing is never shared with others but to me it’s a mental health necessity. 

What good habits do you have or are working to make habits?